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The Art of D. Grindle
over 180 paintings in one book

Art from 3 previous books in one volume with additional new paintings, covering  25+ years of the artist's painting career.  

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40° Below Photography Book


 These heartbreaking photos of old abandonded houses, mostly on a winter theme, were taken on the dakota prairie where it really does get to be forty degrees below zero.   

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Joshua Tree Photography Book


 Of all the places I've been, nowhere was as strange and beautiful as Joshua Tree National Park in California.  Eerie rock erosions, ancient glyphs,  specialized desert plants and creatures all appear in this book I spent over a year photographing. 

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The Grunchkin Street Coloring Book



These drawing and sketches were the basis for many of my paintings.  
Over 200 pages of drawings to color.  For all ages. Coloring Book for Everyone. Strange and Unusual pictures to color in by the artist D. Grindle. 

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The Art of Time Travel


 This beautiful collection of paintings by world famous time traveler D.  Grindle chronicles the rise and fall of civilization, the change of  seasons. and the exact method for time travel while providing  astonishing glimpses into our worlds' changing past and forgotten  future. 

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The Realm of the Dream


Fantasy paintings by D. Grindle.  Look at the Galleries to see inside the books!

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the art of d grindle


 This new book combines pictures from three previous books of paintings: Portraits of the Earth, the Art of Time Travel, and the Realm of the Dream  all in one volume with additional new paintings, covering over 25 years of the artist's painting career.   Over 180 paintings by D. Grindle.  194 pages 

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Books by D. Grindle

Ghost Farms Photography Book


 Photographs of old abandoned farmhouses. 

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Prairie Gothic Photography Book


 Photographs of old abandonded houses on the prairie.  68 pages, all full color photos.  This book is the third collection of old house photos I did, it includes pictures I took after the first two books, as well as some forgotten scenes left out of the earlier collections. 

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Coming Soon Portraits of the Earth new edition


Portraits of the Earth is a book of landscapes, some real, many imaginary, and scenes of nature, life on Earth, and the planet itself, all depicted in brilliant paintings.

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